About us.....

It all began in 1982, when two, of the now, members of senior management, were part of the advance poster and leaflet distribution team for a touring show, owned by the world famous stuntman, Eddie Kidd. It was all a bit of fun at first; however throughout the tour they began to gain a reputation for the excellence of their work and were soon receiving numerous enquiries from promoters of shows and events, who were quickly realising the full possibilities of this alternative form of advertising. It had become apparent there was a gap in the market for top quality professional poster distribution teams and the foundations for what has now become the UK's biggest poster distribution company were laid.

Over the past 20 years the company has continued to develop and in the process revolutionised the industry with its distinctive poster campaigns.

Today, Plan~It are proud to have been involved in the success of over 10,000 major shows and events.

We have dedicated teams of highly trained poster personnel and experienced national managers. All of our staff endure a rigorous training programme and are given frequent refresher courses to test their current awareness and ability out in the field. What sets us apart from our competitors is the knowledge of our staff. All have had “hands on” experience and as a result, we have a keen understanding of what is needed to sufficiently staff, manage and complete a job from start to finish.

As a professional company with many years experience, we have developed a good working relationship with many local authorities throughout the UK and have recently been employed to distribute posters on behalf of a number of council events.

Mission Statement:

To consistently provide our clients with excellent work at a fair price.
To constantly strive to ensure our employees are adequately prepared for their new assignments.
To continue our programme of training excellence for all levels of staff.
To provide a safe, healthy and pleasant working environment.
To endeavour to promote an atmosphere of trust and honesty in all of the company's activities.
To be driven by excellence, guided by our clients.




Unit 27B, Park View Industrial Estate, Hartlepool, TS25 1UD | tel: 01429 274455 | e-mail: enquiries@posterdistribution.com