What we do.....

Professional poster distribution. Effective and economical advertising.

We supply:

Experienced manager and poster team, devoted exclusively to your show or event.
Materials for displaying posters, transport, fuel, accommodation, and maps.
Free distribution of up to 15,000 leaflets (depending on size) with every 1,000 posters.

With over 20 years experience, we can confidently claim to have reached every city, town and village in the UK, with our poster distribution services.

Last year we distributed over 1.5 million posters and 50 million leaflets for a complete variety of shows and events.

For the most part we work directly for the promoters, or the organisers, of shows and events, providing our exclusive services. If your budget is tight, you may well want to recommend us to promoters visiting your venue.

We target key locations within your catchment area. Posters are displayed directly in windows and display areas of shops, restaurants, garages, cafes, public houses, professional businesses, tourist information centres, community centres, places of work etc.

Our poster personnel are trained to be polite and courteously persistent. They always attempt to situate your poster in the most prominent spot for the public to notice and not to leave your poster for a proprietor to put up himself or herself, in our experience many posters left behind do not go on display. Leaflets are positioned in the most advantageous places for the public to pick up.

Posters can be more cost effective than other forms of advertising and have the added advantage of a more sustained campaign, noticed by everyone, and not just the usual certain few. The average lifespan of a poster, before it is removed or replaced, is about four weeks, giving it constant viewing, by almost all age groups in the community, over this time period.

Our clients would not consider an advertising campaign without their advance poster team. It has been found by market research that 60% to 70% of attendances are due to the poster campaign, with the remaining 30% to 40% being attributed to other forms of advertising.

Many people confuse poster distribution with illegal fly posting, we do not carry out or condone any form of fly posting, however we provide a totally different type of service. Our poster teams go directly into shops, offices, pubs, restaurants, garages and in fact anywhere the general public eat, drink, work, or shop, asking proprietors for permission to display posters on the inside of their windows, on notice boards, or in a prominent position within the premises, as an incentive to display the poster, we may offer them complimentary tickets, or discount vouchers, for the facility.

We are a professional company and have established an excellent working relationship within the private sector and with many local authorities and organisations throughout the country.

Have you ever had to go out on the streets and promote your event or show, or had to send out your office staff or performers?

Have you ever used a 'Local' poster distributor, and then been left disappointed when you discover your advertising literature is being handed out with six other shows promoting your competitors?

Now is the time to employ the UK's number one poster distribution company.


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